SOAR Integration Overview: XSOAR (Demisto)

Install From MarketPlace

To install the GreyNoise Content Pack within XSOAR, navigate to the Marketplace, search for GreyNoise then select Install from the Contact Pack Details page.


Searching for GreyNoise in XSOAR Marketplace


Installing GreyNoise Content Pack

Configure an Instance of the GreyNoise Integration

To begin using the GreyNoise integration, browse to Integrations -> Servers & Services and search for GreyNoise within XSOAR. On the GreyNoise Integration item, click the Add Instance link then Enter a GreyNoise API key and test the connection.


Adding a new Instance of GreyNoise to XSOAR


Adding the GreyNoise API key and testing

Performing an On-Demand IP Lookup

From the XSOAR Playground, start by typing:


As list of available commands will be displayed. Select the greynoise-ip-quick-check option then enter the ip= input follow by one or more IPs to query:


GreyNoise command context window


GreyNoise Quick Lookup command

Navigate to the Playground War Room to see the results of the lookup:


GreyNoise Quick Lookup Result

To do a full GreyNoise Context lookup, modify the command to be:
!greynoise !ip ip=x.x.x.x


GreyNoise Context lookup result

To do a perform IP Timeline lookup, run a command similar to the following:

!greynoise-timeline ip="" days="90" maximum_results="10"

GreyNoise IP Timeline result

GreyNoise IP Timeline result

To perform an IP Similarity search, run a command similar to the following:

!greynoise-similarity ip="" minimum_score="95" maximum_results="10"

GreyNoise Similarity result

GreyNoise Similarity result


The XSOAR integration also includes some basic playbooks that can be used in conjunction with the GreyNoise lookup data. Here are some examples:

Calculate Severity for Egress Traffic - Can be used when determining severity of a Destination IP


GreyNoise Calculate Severity for Egress Traffic Playbook

Calculate Severity for Ingress Traffic- Can be used when determining severity of a Source IP


GreyNoise Calculate Severity for Ingress Traffic Playbook

Calculate Severity - Includes flag for Ingress vs Egress to Trigger Above Workflows


GreyNoise Calculate Severity for Egress or Ingress with Flag Traffic Playbook

Generic IP Enrichment Workflow


GreyNoise IP Reputation using GreyNoise Data