RIOT Response

Data Dictionary: RIOT Response

This outlines the field types associated with the RIOT IP Lookup Endpoint.

Field NameField TypeExampleDescription
categorystringpublic_dnsThe RIOT category the provider belongs to identifying the type of service provided.
descriptionstringGoogle's global domain name system (DNS) resolution service.A description of the provider and what they do.
explanationstringPublic DNS services are used as alternatives to ISP's name servers. You may see devices on your network communicating with Google Public DNS over port 53/TCP or 53/UDP to resolve DNS lookups.An explanation of the category type and what may be expected from this provider and category.
ipstring8.8.8.8IP address that information is about
last_updateddatetime2021-11-24T11:42:37ZDate and time when this record was last updated from its source (format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SSZ)
URL to a logo for the provider (unused in most cases and generally can be ignored/excluded)
namestringGoogle Public DNSThe name of the provider and/or service.
Reference URL for information about this provider and/or service.
riotbooleantrueIndicates if an IP is part of the RIOT dataset or not.
trust_levelstring1Defines the trust level assigned to this IP/provider. Additional information on trust levels can be found here.