SOAR Integration Overview: Swimlane

Install From AppHub

To install the GreyNoise Plugin by downloading it from Swimlane AppHub. It can be found by searching for GreyNoise


Once the Plugin is download, within Swimlane, Navigate to Integrations -> Plugins, then click the "+" and select the downloaded plugin file.


GreyNoise Plugin Installed in Swimlane

Create the GreyNoise Asset

Next, an Asset needs to be created and the GreyNoise API key needs to be added to the Asset.


Configuring GreyNoise Asset in Swimlane

Test the Asset and API key using the Test Connection button.


A successful Asset Test in Swimlane

Set Up Tasks

The GreyNoise Swimlane plugin provides several different tasks that can be set up and used in workflows. Additional content, included prebuilt applets for the GreyNoise fields can be found at the GreyNoise Swimlane Github Repo

GreyNoise Lookup Layout - Noise


An IP Context lookup including tag references

GreyNoise Lookup Layout - RIOT


A RIOT Lookup

GreyNoise Alert Layout


A GreyNoise Alert from GNQL search run daily

GreyNoise Tag Layout


GreyNoise tag details