"How I Use GreyNoise" Sessions

Welcome to the "How I Use GreyNoise" video series. Our goal is to highlight how analysts, researchers, and others use GreyNoise products to solve their security problems.
If you're interested in doing a session, please reach out to our Community Manager, Supriya, [email protected]

Session I: Jose Nazario, Ph.D.

See how researcher Jose Nazario uses GreyNoise to threat hunt things he finds in his honeypot network.

Session II: Paul Misner & Grant Lorello, SecuLore

See how the SOC team at SecuLore uses GreyNoise in a SIEM integration to reduce alerts and increase analyst efficiency.

Session III: Greg Lesnewich

Greg Lesnewich, Threat Intel Analyst & YARA Aficionado, talks us through his hunt for web shells using GreyNoise and other open source tools.

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