"How I Use GreyNoise" Sessions

Welcome to the "How I Use GreyNoise" video series. Our goal is to highlight how analysts, researchers, and others use GreyNoise products to solve their security problems.If you're interested in doing a session, please reach out to our Community Manager, Sam via [email protected].

Session I: Jose Nazario, Ph.D.

See how researcher Jose Nazario uses GreyNoise to threat hunt things he finds in his honeypot network.

Session II: Paul Misner & Grant Lorello, SecuLore

See how the SOC team at SecuLore uses GreyNoise in a SIEM integration to reduce alerts and increase analyst efficiency.

Session III: Greg Lesnewich

Greg Lesnewich, Threat Intel Analyst & YARA Aficionado, talks us through his hunt for web shells using GreyNoise and other open source tools.

Session IV: Aaron DeVera

Aaron DeVera, the founder of Backchannel, shows us how GreyNoise can be integrated into a realtime data streaming platform, where suspicious traffic can be detected, evaluated, and acted upon in a quick and automated fashion.

Session V: Justin Varner

Justin demonstrates how to save countless hours doing manual investigation with some automation built into Tines as well as identifying vulnerable hosts that are owned by an organization.

Session VI: Cody Bernardy

In this session, Cody talks about ~alert fatigue~ and ~CVE fatigue~ and how GreyNoise helps to prioritize CVEs.

Session VII: Jonathan Reiter

Jonathan walks us through his basic and intermediate use of GreyNoise while using the new IP Similarity API to identify Chinese infrastructure.