Community Response

Data Dictionary: Community Response

This outlines the field types associated with the Community IP Lookup Endpoint.

Field NameField TypeExampleDescription
ipstring8.8.8.8IP address that information is about
noisebooleanfalseThis IP was observed scanning the GreyNoise sensor network. May also be referenced as "seen" but serves the same purpose.
riotbooleantrueIndicates if an IP is part of the RIOT dataset or not.
classificationstringbenignIP Classification - possible options: benign, unknown, malicious
namestringGoogle Public DNSA dynamic field that provides the "actor" name if NOISE or the "provider" name if RIOT
linkurl link to the details of this IP on the GreyNoise Visualizer.
last_seendate2021-11-24Date of last observed behavior on the GreyNoise Sensor network (format: YYYY-MM-DD)
messagestringSuccessProvides additional error/status information on the request. Generally only used for integrations to determine if a lookup was successful or had an error.