Sensor Personas

What are Sensor Personas?

Sensor Persona Catalogs

Community Tier Catalog

Community tier personas are a limited selection of low interaction personas that GreyNoise provides for free to all of our Edge Intelligence users.

Basic Tier Catalog

This contains our entire library of low interaction personas. All new low interaction personas developed will be added here. Basic Persona Tier access requires a subscription to our ‘Edge Intelligence Starter Package.

Premium Tier Catalog (available later in 2024

Premium personas contain higher interactivity honeypot personas.

Private Personas

Request a Persona to be added to our Persona Catalog (or an update to an existing Persona)

GreyNoise is constantly evolving our persona catalog content based on customer feedback, emerging threat needs, and customer requests. To request a new persona added to our library, contact [email protected] with your request, or you can use the Request Persona feature in the app. This option is available for persona requests that are not sensitive (contains no customer or business specific configurations) and the customer would not care if GreyNoise exposed the persona to other customers within our Persona Catalog.

Note: there is no SLA on general persona roadmap requests, however, in certain cases paying customers can prioritize certain requests that are mission-critical for their workflows. Please contact [email protected] to learn more.

Request a custom Private Persona to be added to your workspace

In certain cases, you may have need for a persona that cannot be exposed to other users within GreyNoise within our Persona Catalog. These personas might be designed to bait attackers targeting you by including organization-specific information (e.g. your company’s logo on a landing page), or simply be targeted to a specific mission you have and you do not want the persona exposed to other customers. GreyNoise can develop custom personas to help meet your security mission goals, and deploy them privately in your workspace so only you have access to use them.

Please contact [email protected] to learn more.