Check whether a given IP address is “Internet background noise”, or
has been observed scanning or attacking devices across the Internet.


  • This API endpoint is real-time
  • This API endpoint contains a “code” which correlates to why GreyNoise
    labeled the IP as "noise"
  • This API endpoint checks the IP against the RIOT data set, setting the
    bool flag of "riot" if it appears
  • An IP delivered via this endpoint does not include a “malicious” or
    “benign” categorizations
  • This API endpoint only checks against the last 90 days of Internet
    scanner data


  • 0x00: The IP has never been observed scanning the Internet
  • 0x01: The IP has been observed by the GreyNoise sensor network
  • 0x02: The IP has been observed scanning the GreyNoise sensor network,
    but has not completed a full connection, meaning this can be spoofed
  • 0x05: This IP is commonly spoofed in Internet-scan activity
  • 0x06: This IP has been observed as noise, but this host belongs to a
    cloud provider where IPs can be cycled frequently
  • 0x07: This IP is invalid
  • 0x08: This IP was classified as noise, but has not been observed
    engaging in Internet-wide scans or attacks in over 90 days
  • 0x09: This IP was found in RIOT
  • 0x10: The IP has been observed by the GreyNoise sensor network and
    was found in RIOT

Search Usage: This endpoint consumes one Search per API request.

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