2022-09-09: Update to GreyNoise Python SDK

Update to GreyNoise Python SDK

The GreyNoise Python SDK has been updated. The latest version is: v1.3.0


  • API client:

    • Rework logging to remove structlog predefined logging to follow best practices
    • Update the quick command to use a POST API request instead of a GET API request
    • Fix bug with ip_multi preventing lists of more than 1000 entries from returning correct data
    • Fix bug with ip_multi when cache is disabled not returning correct values
    • Fix bug with ip_multi where include_invalid parameter was not working
  • CLI:

    • None
  • Dependencies:

    • Updated Click to 8.1.3
    • Updated colorama to 0.4.5
    • Updated jinja2 to 3.1.2
    • Updated more-itertools to 8.14.0
    • Update requests to 2.28.1
    • Removed structlog