2022-05-12: Note on RIOT Data Quality

Note on RIOT Data Quality

Here at GreyNoise, we pride ourselves on transparency AND accuracy. We don’t get our assessments wrong very often. When these two values are in conflict, we’re going to go with transparency.

This note is to let everyone know that since its original launch, we were mischaracterizing approximately 10 Million IP addresses in our RIOT (common business services) dataset as logmein.com addresses, when in fact they belonged to Akamai. This occurred because LogMeIn uses Akamai for a portion of their product and the source we are using to determine their service IPs contained overlapping IP ranges. For those that use RIOT, these addresses still fall squarely into our RIOT categorization but were just providing the wrong provider information when queried.

We’ve now fixed the bug, and we’ll continue to be open with our community because we know you rely on us to help make good security decisions.

If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected]