2021-09-07: Update to Splunk App Now Available

Update to Splunk App Now Available

Version 2.1.0

  • Python2 and Splunk7.x support is dropped starting from this release, GreyNoise now only supports Splunk 8.x and Python3
  • Updated to latest GreyNoise SDK 1.1.0
  • Added gnriot custom command for the RIOT endpoint
  • Improves error messages for non-routable and invalid IP address
  • Updated splunklib to version 1.6.16
  • Updated the time in gnoverview saved search to 6 hours
  • Added 2 new codes to the csv file
  • Updated the custom commands, saved searches and dashboards to handle the RIOT key
  • Fixed an issue to handle Splunk fields with unallowed characters
  • Added Caching feature for all the custom commands and saved searches.